Lana Del Rey, “Norman F***ing Rockwell” Review

“Norman F***ing Rockwell” is American singer-songwriter, Lana Del Rey’s sixth studio album, and boy does it put an emphasis on her sadcore aesthetic.

If you are a long term fan on LDR, then you’ve become familiar with her iconic low tones and dream like beats. However, this album seems to trade away her usual upbeat yet tragic sound for a more ballad-y and soft spoken narrative. In fact, if listened to in its entirety, each song seems to blend into the other because they have the same kind of slow and soft tone. This is definitely different than what we have heard from her in her debut album “Born to Die” (which is the Lana most people know and love) and even her most recent album “Lust for Life” (which featured The Weeknd and Stevie Nicks) which both seemed to have an upbeat energy, something that’s seemingly missing from “NFR.” 

Despite the change in tune however, Del Rey’s genius lyrics are still very much at play in this album. If you’re a fan of the poetry and trance-like narrative that Lana brings to her music, then there will be no shortage of songs to love on this album, including the title track “Norman F***ing Rockwell.”

If I were to recommend any song on the album, it would have to be “Doin’ Time”, which is also one of the only tracks that currently has a music video available. Taking the fifth spot on the album, this song had the most writers involved in the making and it shows. If you’re looking for a song on “NFR” that feels truly and authentically ‘Lana’, this is it.

Overall, the contemporary feel of the album is definitely different, but does not make for a bad album at all, just a different one! It’s still Lana, and she still brings her brilliance to each piece. I highly recommend taking a listen if you are open to a softer spoken sadcore type sound (and I highly recommend listening to “Doin’ Time” on repeat in your car on a warm summer day!)

By: Emily Miller, aka ‘DJ Rated Em’

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