Grayscale Releases New Album Nella Vita

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The Philly-based Pop-punk band, Grayscale released their newest album on September 6 2019.  This record was released through the band’s label, Fearless Records. The band consists of lead singer Collin Walsh, lead guitarist Andrew Kyne, Dallas Molster on rhythm guitar, Nick Ventimiglia on bass, and drummer Nick Veno. Nella Vita, the title of the album, means “in life” in Italian. Some of the themes on the album include, death, grieving, love, and relationships. Even though there are dark themes on the album, many of the songs are upbeat and make you want to dance. 

Not only does the album have many different themes, there are a variety of different sounds. A few songs on the album are very guitar-driven, some have electronic beats in the background, there are also one or two slower and more emotional songs. For example the song “In My Arms has a very electronic”, 80’s vibe, in my opinion. While the song Tommy’s Song is a slow piano ballad, that eventually builds toward the end with guitar and drums. Singer, Collin Walsh has revealed in an interview with Alternative Press magazine, that the songs on the album are inspired by his own personal experiences. “I’ve always been super-open and honest about my life and the things that I lyrically write about on all our word but I think the topics in ‘Old Friends’ and ‘Tommy’s Song were really difficult, to the point where there were days tracking the vocals I couldn’t do it, or I’d get really emotional or start crying” ( 

Overall I think the album does a good job with having a large variety of different songs, that don’t sound the same. It sounds different than what they’ve done before, and still stays true to their genre.

By: Megan Willing 

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