The Bates motel takes Halloween to a new level, being one of the main attractions for people looking for a good scare to attend during the season of spooky nights during October. Bates Motel has been filled with high tech special effects, a digital soundtrack and spooky lighting and gets up close in personal with you, it is well performed actors to portray scary scenes as you visit. The realism in the haunted house is what gravitates many Halloween lovers to the site. From the moment you enter you will feel as though you are in a whole other dimension with spooky characters and themes. As you tip toe through the motel you will experience levitating spirits, floor boards that come alive, pictures that follow you, and incredible, custom animation props that you will not see anywhere else. The actors interact with you on a personal level and the screams echo throughout the building.

Bates motel would be a night to remember if you’re looking for something to do with a group of friends or want to scare the pants off your partner. Bates is the right pick, been on a rise now for 29 years , having over 79 actors to interact with you as you move through the dangers of the building “Don’t take that literally”. Don’t worry about boredom the Bates motel have 25 scenes for you so, you will shake in your costume all night. You must know they’re the “top 13” national lists of the best haunted attractions. This year we present the return of the Headless Horseman. It is an all-time favorite from their guest. This story takes place in a small town in New York State. It is a folktale. The “legend” of sleepy hollow is that there is a headless horseman who rides around and disappears in a flash of fire. There is a cartoon movie that is based on this story that they always play around Halloween.

By~ Najah Abdul-Haqq

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